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Garden Rooms & Bespoke Outbuildings

A well-planned garden office or room can transform your property, add space and value to your home. Whether it is a garden office, family room or a garden retreat we can make it happen.

Our thorough consultation and design process means we cover all aspects from the outset ensuring our purpose built garden buildings suit your exact requirements and are often constructed without the need for planning permission.

garden room
garden room
garden room
garden office base

Each of our garden rooms as a standard construction includes;


There are a number of ways to install the correct foundations for your new garden room. These are always discussed and designed around you to ensure minimal disruption during the project, but compared to traditional methods of pouring a solid concrete base, we prefer to use Galvanised ground screws. 

Using specially designed Ground screws, constructed using heavy-duty galvanised steel, these can be installed in any type of ground, and are fully adjustable meaning we can instal our garden rooms onto any uneven surface. Your garden room will be raised off the ground to allow a vented space underneath. This ensures that the structure will not be affected by rising damp.

ground screws

Sub structure

Each floor section is constructed using 6 Inch treated floor joists, 100mm Rigid thermal insulation, single-piece DPM, Cabre 22mm flooring, thermal underlay, laminated or engineered wood flooring of your choice. 

Finished with Skirting board and architrave where required. You can choose between over 20 different choices of laminate flooring to suit your style.

floor joists

Wall construction

Constructed using c24 2x4 timber spaced at required centres, 18mm structural OSB board fixed to the exterior, Tyvek or equivalent waterproofing house wrap, all walls fully insulated with 70mm rigid thermal insulation, 12mm plasterboard and plaster skim to ensure a perfect finish. 

Each garden room incorporates double air vents which allow the building to fully breathe and prevents any condensation with suitable airflow. 

Insulated to meeting Building Regulations for all year round use. 

plastered garden room walls

The Roof

Constructed using a Kingspan interlocking thermal roofing system. These highly insulated interlocking roof sections cover the entire roof with an incline from front to rear to allow water to flow into the rear guttering.

Finished with a single piece EPDM Rubber roof, Deep flow colour-matched guttering, with a downpipe to dispense water from the roof into a water collection tank or drainage. 


Exterior finish

You can choose to have your new garden room externally cladding in a number of materials, mainly in either Thermowood cladding, Western Red Cedar or Prefinished cement board.

Thermowood cladding offers a natural brown tone, which can be installed horizontally or vertically, can be painted, stained or left to naturally grey with the elements

Western Cedar gives any building a touch of individuality, normally installed in a vertical pattern with the natural rich tones, this can either be oiled or left to naturally grey. 


Composite / PVCU Doors, Bifolds and Windows

All our garden room doors and windows are supplied with high-quality PVC-U doors and Windows.

Offering an extensive list of security features matched with a wide range of styles and finishes. They can be finished in a very high gloss white PVCu or in a selection of woodgrain foils with designer features that provide the security, thermal efficiency and durability expected from a top-quality door.

garden room doors


Each individual build is finished to the highest standard, all plaster finished walls finished with a fully durable Johnston’s wipeable paint, able to be matched to the desired RAL colour. 

Interior woodwork is also finished in a fully durable Johnstones Satinwood. 



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